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Bless your inner self

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About the Book
Blessing means accepting that what is. Blessing contains the permission, reception and love for the existence.
42 expressions and texts followed by a blessing accompany, lead and touch you deep in your soul. By touching the soul impulses are created that lead to blessing and thus to healing. Each blessing inspires, conveys people further towards their mastership. Until he notices that:
it has all been here all the time
Everyone can now lift the treasures that lie within, inner prosperity becomes apparent, everything is allowed. The insight that only we ourselves allow prosperity, joy and fortune defines us as creators of this world. Through these wonderful blessings we permit ourselves to be the person we actually are. Blessing has nothing to do with your religion, everyone can bless. And after all it is a simple technique and everything simple is effective. Their are no complicated techniques necessary, it all happens with such ease that it is fun to do. 42 different topics are discussed. From Beauty to Love, the I AM, Companionship, Mastership, Releasing, Angels, Jesus, Courage to your Innermost Wish. This brings you to realization, the awareness of your entity. Self-love and self–consciousness grow and carry you into a new dimension.

About me: Almost all of my life I have dealt with healing and how it takes place. I am working since thirty years, employed as well as entrepreneur, as editor, author, creative designer and set designer. During this period of time I have absolved many courses that deal with healing. At first it was only for my personal joy and to remedy myself even more. I could recognize the potentials that lay undiscovered in the human being. I became aware that everything effective was simple. But nonetheless we first of all choose the more challenging path. Our innermost resists until we recognize that it all begins with our permission. I permit myself to be, I bless it. Everything we contemplate is anchored in our mind, how we perceive ourselves, our perception of the world, it all is significant for our existence. That is how these texts resulted. They want to be motivation for a change in thinking and living. For more joy, abundance, freedom and fortune. An impulse for more awareness.

Translation: Charles Peter Moisel

Coverdesgin: Hanno Hermann

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